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If you Travel with guitars or Fly with a Guitar Case, and want the best guitar cases available for airline travel look no further. We build all types of shipping cases, and custom packaging creates, custom box cases, acoustic Guitar Case, electric guitar case, Airline Flight Travel case, Shipping Cases, Custom Bike Cases, Camera cases Video Gear Cases, stand up Bass, upright bass cases and bass trunk cases. All custom made cases. Our cases are stronger than any other shipping crate made. They are the, strongest cases for any situation. We make shipping boxes, computer cases, laptop cases, sensitive equipment cases. What Ever you need We will build a tough case for it.

Custom Bike Cases, Travel Guitar, Banjo, cases, trade show shipping crates for anything that needs protecting

The Clam Standard Deluxe CXSD

Model:The Clam Standard Deluxe CXSD $267
Standard DELUXE - CXSD for Classical Guitars in hard cases or smaller steel string guitars in gigbag

The Clam Jumbo Deluxe CXJD

Model:The Clam Jumbo Deluxe CXJD $267
Clam Jumbo DELUXE CXJD for larger steel string guitars in hard cases or gig bags.

Clam Banjo Standard Deluxe CXBAN

Model:Clam Banjo Standard Deluxe CXBAN $267
Comes with the 6 C-pads suspension system, Bonus Wheel package installed until July 2014

Clam Electric Guitar Case CXEC

Model:Clam Electric Guitar Case CXEC $297
Fitted with 8 rectangular 1.5 inch pads for shock suspension, detachable wheels, shoulder strap

Clam Fender / Style P Bass CXPB

Model:Clam Fender / Style P Bass CXPB $297
Introducing the Clam CXFB Fly it Safe Bass Case. The best travel protection for your Bass guitar.

Special Edition CXSE Standard Deluxe

Model:Special Edition CXSE Standard Deluxe $275
CXSE Standard Size, Heat reflective white includes the 6 C-pads suspension system and Whessl

Large Camera Case #CXPHL

Model:Large Camera Case #CXPHL $345
We build fully padded Camera cases to your spects, Use your camera case inside our protective case

Acoustic Bass Naked

Model:Acoustic Bass Naked $297
Introducing the Clam CXAB Naked Acoustic Bass Case. for use without a case of gig bag

Large Drum CASE CXDR

Model:Large Drum CASE CXDR $350
Drum Case Built to Order this one is for a gig bag to be placed inside case.

Single Drum or Cymbil Set

Model:Single Drum or Cymbil Set $167
This is for a single drum or cymbil set.

Double Bass case Model Style (B)

Model:Double Bass case Model Style (B) $1397
Double Bass Case with removable outside Neck case. Attached embedded wheels. Strong light weight


Model:CXBE $297
This is for Bass Guitars that have existing rectangular cases.

Ukulele Case #CXUK

Model:Ukulele Case #CXUK $167
We can make a Ukulele case to fit your needs.

Double Bass Case Model Style (C)

Model:Double Bass Case Model Style (C) $1297
Double bass case neck stores inside case when traveling attached wheels. Strong light weight

Large Sound Board Case CXSBL

Model:Large Sound Board Case CXSBL $375
Each case can be of different size we always try to start with the original packing material.

Small Sound Board CXSBS

Model:Small Sound Board CXSBS $227
No matter what size of sound board case it should be protected.

Rectangular Shipping Case

Model:Rectangular Shipping Case $197
Empty shell with no padding for anyone who has to ship an instrument using their own packing stuff.

Larger TriPod Case #CXTRIL

Model:Larger TriPod Case #CXTRIL $137
This case is for a large Video Tripod, or for what ever may fit inside it.

Clam Dual Purpose

Model:Clam Dual Purpose $397
Use this case for either an Acoustic Guitar or Electric Guitar with special pads glued in place.

Flying V Custom Retro Fit CXFV12

Model:Flying V Custom Retro Fit CXFV12 $347
Here is a case that i made for a client who had a cool 12 String Flying V

2 Guitars in 1 case Set Up CX2IN1

Model:2 Guitars in 1 case Set Up CX2IN1 $397
Here is a double case that fits a Strat and Les Paul guitar. These fit nicely in our CXSD Acoustic

2 in 1 Bass and Electric Set Up #CXBNE

Model:2 in 1 Bass and Electric Set Up #CXBNE $397
Here is another nice one, A Bass guitar and Les Paul in the same case! It a band in a Box.

Acoustic Naked #CXAN

Model:Acoustic Naked #CXAN $397
The Acoustic Naked is used without an existing gig bag or hardshell cases.

Custom Fit Bass Case CXCB

Model:Custom Fit Bass Case CXCB $347
This is just another example of a Electic Bass case

Another Double Set Up CXFVC

Model:Another Double Set Up CXFVC $397
Here is a Flying V with Strat Set Up Combo built out of one of our Acoustic Jumbo cases

Mark Johnson Claw Grass Banjo Case

Model:Mark Johnson Claw Grass Banjo Case $297
Here is a custom case made espciealy for Mark Johnson's signature Deering Claw Grass Banjo.

Open Back Banjo Naked #CXBBN

Model:Open Back Banjo Naked #CXBBN $297
Here is how we address the open back folks. Either naked like this or with a gig bag.

Tric Combo Case CXTC

Model:Tric Combo Case CXTC $267
pack your Tric Case inside a Standard Clam and get Flying!

Pedal Board Case # CXPBC

Model:Pedal Board Case # CXPBC $147
Pedal Boards cases come in many sizes and are usually made to your spec. Give us a call

Large Camera Cases CXLCC

Model:Large Camera Cases CXLCC $377
These cases come in various sizes to fit your needs we can custom build one using your specs.

C-Pads Suspension CXPAD

Model:C-Pads Suspension CXPAD $40
The C-PAD Suspension system we developed works with most guitar cases and can easily fit your needs

Harp Guitar Case CXHG

Model:Harp Guitar Case CXHG $350
Harp Guitar Case used with gig bags

Upright Bass Case

Model:Upright Bass Case $1697
Stand Up Bass Case custom order case. Made or the same materil and Proceedures

Vibraphone Case Set CXVP

Model:Vibraphone Case Set CXVP $1000
Vibraphone Case is a two case set. One for the pipes the other for parts.

Flat Panel Case Large CXFPL

Model:Flat Panel Case Large CXFPL $750
Here is a large Flat Panel Screen Case. Can also be used for a large sound board or what ever

Kora Case Custom CXKO

Model:Kora Case Custom CXKO $750
Kora Custom Case 27 string instrument from Africa

Cello Case CXCH

Model:Cello Case CXCH $595
Cello Case with the raised Wing Bridge protector. Can be fitted with gig bag or without a case

Baroque Lute Case Custom #CXBLUC

Model:Baroque Lute Case Custom #CXBLUC $600
Baroque Lute Case Custom can be built for your hard to fit instrument. Call (800) 495-8444

Theorbo Lute Case CXTLUTE

Model:Theorbo Lute Case CXTLUTE $750

John Cephas Book #JCBOOK

Model:John Cephas Book #JCBOOK $125
80 page Tab book and 5 DVD\'s also Interactive Tab CD-Rom disk. Learn the Blues from a legion

Industrial Cases type 1

Model:Industrial Cases type 1 $0
If your company needs something like this call us. (800) 495-8444

ipad case red alligator

Model:ipad case red alligator $97
ipad leather case Alligator red

ipad case black leather alligator

Model:ipad case black leather alligator $97
ipad case black leather embossed alligator

Ipad case Leather Maroon-Chocolate

Model:Ipad case Leather Maroon-Chocolate $97
Awesome Rich Leather ipad case Maroon and Chocolate color

Ipad case Leather Multicolor

Model:Ipad case Leather Multicolor $97
Ipad case Leather rich Multicolor

Truck Bed Organizer

Model:Truck Bed Organizer $147
Truck Bed Organizer truck slider easy access to all your tools

Double Bass Case Pod Model Style (A)

Model:Double Bass Case Pod Model Style (A) $1497
Double Bass Case Pod Version, has removable neck case attached embedded wheels. Strong light weight

Featured photo 1

Model:Featured photo 1 $0
Clam Case in Russia way to go Igor!

Featured photo 2

Model:Featured photo 2 $0
Customer traveling in Africa with a Clam Guitar Case

Buddy Guy Case

Model:Buddy Guy Case $0
Now This Makes Me Proud. Buddy Guys Case in his hotel Room, traveled over a Half a Million Miles

Bob Brozman

Model:Bob Brozman $0
Bob Brozman has been traveling all over the world with my cases for over ten years,

Buddy Guy

Model:Buddy Guy $0
Buddy Guy and his band were the first big Name group to start using my Case in their world travels

Robert Cray

Model:Robert Cray $0
Robert got one of may case about 6 years ago now

Rick Hall

Model:Rick Hall $0
Rick Hall has been with Buddy Guy for years and travels with one of my Fender Strat models

Roy Rogers

Model:Roy Rogers $0
Roy Rogers has had one of my cases for around 6 years now,

Lincoln Brewster Case User

Model:Lincoln Brewster Case User $0
Lincoln and most of his band use my cases they also have two sound board cases i built for them

Janet Robins

Model:Janet Robins $1
Janet Robins had me build a double case that would hold here Banjo and Telly, big smile!

Blue Oyster Cult

Model:Blue Oyster Cult $0
BOC have been traveling with my cases for around 6 years now

Norm Stockton

Model:Norm Stockton $1
Norm took has s Acoustic Bass cases carries 2 basses in a gig bag inside with a merch pocket i built

Case In Africa

Model:Case In Africa $1
Here is another shot of one of my cases in Africa

Flat Screen Large monitor

Model:Flat Screen Large monitor $597
Flat screen monitor Shipping Cases with Wheels for easy mobility. ATA Airline and Shipping safe case

James Taylor

Model:James Taylor $0
James Taylor has been using 3 of our cases since 2007 to protect his 3 Olsen Guitars

Lincoln Brewster

Model:Lincoln Brewster $0
Lincoln and most of his band use my cases they also have two sound board cases i built for them

Guitar Flight Custom Built

Model:Guitar Flight Custom Built $297
Guitar Flight Cases Built to Order Best guitar cases made. No damage to any guitar in 14 years!