Casextreme Artist

Rick Hall

Back Stage with Rick Hall with the Buddy Guy Band. Check him out on Youtube dude can play.

Blue Oyster Cult

BOC has been using my cases for around 9 years

Lincoln Brewster

Lincoln and band members have been using my cases for years. Lincoln uses a double Strat case that i built for him

Multiple Artist List

Many of our customers play in or with the following artists. James Taylor, owns 3 of our cases, Sheryl Crow band members, Ronnie Raitt band members,

Robert Cray

Me Back Stage with Robert Cray i swear he was leaning on his Case i made. He was on stage before i could see the photo that didn't have the case in it.

Buddy Guy

Me and Buddy Guy, this is my all time favorite performer. I haven't missed a show in 10 years when he comes to town. This Guy knows how to light a fire in the audience. His entire band has been using my cases for 10 years. They travel over 200,000 miles a year and with no problems to their guitars.

Norm Stockton

Norm came to me with a retro fit of a acoustic bass case that i built. He uses it with a pair of basses in a double gig bag. I then built a custom pocket set up inside the case so he can carry his merchandise with him.

Janet Robins

Janet with her banjo Telly combo case

Roy Rogers

Me and Roy and his case Standing in Front of my 58 Desoto

James Taylor

James Taylor has been using 3 of my Jumbo Deluxe cases now to protect his 3 Olsen guitars