Brazil Odyssey
Sunday, September 16, 2007, 03:40 PM
Dear Folks at Casextreme, I have just returned from a two month musical odyssey in Brazil. My name is Patrick Hogan and I play with a band called Angry Tony & the Homewereckers. We were the first international act to play in Malacacheta MG. We also played at a Carnaval in Nova Vicosa. I must say, if not for your travel case, my guitar would not have made it. I flew more than a dozen flights from jets to puddle jumpers and keeping the guitar safe on the long bus rides through the mountains. It is like a death defying Disneyland ride on crack. But your case came through with flying colors. Not only was the guitar its self in perfect condition, but the guitar case was also unscratched. What a great product you have!!
Thanks very much,
Patrick Hoga