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Introducing the Clam Standard Deluxe CXSD Guitar Flight Case.

For Classical Guitars (Note: Classical Guitars usually have smaller Cases) or for Guitars in Gig Bags or Guitars that have smaller than standard sized hard cases.

"We Are The ONLY Guitar Case Company that has never heard of a guitar being damaged in one of our CASES in 14 years!  Simply place the 6 dense foam C-pad suspension system around the edge of your guitar case or gig bag then place it inside the “CLAM”. The C-pads float your guitar case in the center of the “Clam” for the ultimate in shock absorption and weight distribution while keeping your guitar from touching the walls of the case.

Note: Click this link  (How To fit your case) explained in full detail. follow the blue arrows on that page.. The best travel protection for your acoustic guitar in its case or gig bag.

We can custom fit any guitar into one of our existing “Clam Cases” acoustic and electric guitars.  Or you send us a tracing of your guitar. We will show you how to trace a pattern onto paper and we will then make a perfect custom fit foam insert that will protect your guitar with all the same features of our standard cases. Prices start at an additional $90 for this service.

Comes with the  detachable wheels  call (800) 495-8444


Sometimes a Shim Pad that comes with each order may be needed for a perfect fit.

 The “Clam Guitar Flight case” double walled corrugated plastic material and construction makes it virtually crush proof and survived the 850 lbs. crush test yet weighs only 12 lbs. We could have gone for more weight but just felt it really wasn't necessary, and we had 3 people standing on the case and couldn't fit anymore on it.

For more elaborate designs and custom features we will have to be determined  the price when we discuss your needs. Give us a call and we can plan your custom case.


 call (800) 495-8444

Each case comes with a set the detachable wheels

Permanently or embedded style wheels can be installed for an additional charge.

Click this link Here to See the (How To Fit your Case)  information explained.

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