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 CXSE Special Edition Standard Deluxe

Introducing the "Clam CXSE Standard Special Edition" acoustic guitar flight road case. Highly visible, heat reflective, cool white. The best travel protection for your Nylon string acoustic guitar in its case or gig bag, Or smaller than normal steel string guitars. Note: Many guitar manufactures use the same lager guitar case for their smaller guitar models. (See The How To Order Button Above) for how to measure your case.

Place the 6 dense foam C-pad suspension system around the edge of your case or gig bag then place it inside the "CLAM". The C-pads float your case in the center of the "Clam" for the ultimate in shock absorption and weight distribution while keeping your guitar from touching the walls of the case.

The "Clams" double walled and white in color corrugated plastic material reflects heat and its construction makes it virtually crush proof and has survived the 850 lbs. crush test yet weighs only 12 lbs. Comes with the (Easy Travel Kit) detachable wheels and shoulder strap. info@casextreme.com

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"We Are The ONLY Guitar Case Company that has never heard of a guitar being damaged in one of our CASES 17 years."


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