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ipad case this Multicolored leather case is a real  beauty, this rich looking case is embossed by true artist on 100% cow hide leather to look and feel like real alligator or crocodile leather. Our cow hides are heavily tooled  by true artist and then hand dyed and rubbed for a beautiful look. Folds for stand up viewing with a beautiful silver finished closer with and leather tab and an engraved Celtic design. Inside of case is a softvelour micro fiber.

Everyone of our ipad cases is custom hand made so no two cases are ever  identically alike. These cases have a rich luxurious texture and feel. Brian Tracy once said “Dress for success because image is very important. People judge you by the way you look on the outside.” While we may not like it, the way we dress can be a big factor to   determine our success. Nowadays with the iPad becoming an essential tool in every business and board room, it’s important that your iPad looks every bit as good as you do.


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