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Songs: I'm So Glad, Prison Blues, Special Rider Blues

In this 4 volume series of videos John Cephas teaches the guitar playing style of legend Mr. Skip James. Skip James was one of the first blues artist to be recorded, the foremost practitioner of the bentonia sound of the Mississippi. He was an inspiration to the then young Robert Johnson.

His music was often described as the Deepest and Darkest of all the Blues, eerie. mesmerizing down right haunting. His vocal style featured his falsetto phrases. His guitar playing was based mostly on open tunings, in G and D minor.John begins each tape with a very thorough explanation of all the licks and signature moves Skip James used. Chord progressions and turn arounds, bass runs, and tuning to D minor is all explained.

John sings each song he teaches several times and explains how to train your voice to get the falsetto sound. Clear close up shots of each hand and picture in picture techniques are used so the viewer won't miss a lick. John style of teaching breaks down each move very slowly multiple times, and he constantly tells the student which finger is on what string. John has been teaching guitar for decades and it shows, in all his videos

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