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Songs: Black Dog Rag, Rag Mama, Harvest Moon, Hot Tamale, Keep on Trucking, Truble in Mind, Alice's Restaurant

In this video, Mary focuses on the East coast or Piedmont style of blues first made popular by Blind Blake, Blind Boy Fuller an Rev. Gary Davis, and now an essential ingredient in today's roots guitar styles. Mary begins by explaining the I-VI-II-V chord progression that gives the ragtime blues their essential sound, and demonstrates it in all five keys in which it is traditionally used. Having established this basis, she then goes on to show you the tools that will help expand your improvisational abilities, including moveable 7th chords, bass runs, and melodies.

To help consolidate your playing in the context of real song, she uses Blind Boy Fuller's classic ";Rag Mama"; for getting you used to the progression and teaching you how to take it further. Further expanding your techniques and repertoire, Mary then adds seven other tunes that use this progression, a medley of ragtime blues songs, and her own tune, ";Black Dog Rag,";

The pieces and techniques shown on this video are arranged progressively, so you can see your playing improve as you go along. Level is appropriate for advance/intermediate players. As a guitarist, singer, and songwriter, Mary Flower has carried on the tradition of roots music for over three decades, specializing in the blues. A longtime favorite in Denver, Colorado, now living in Portland Oregon,  she took to the road after her children were grown and quickly achieved national prominence.

Today she is best known for her may CD's, concert and festival appearances, and as a prizewinning contestant in the National Fingerpicking Guitar Championship at the Walnut Valley Festival. In addition to performing, Mary is also a respected teacher. She has shared her deep knowledge of blues styles and history with students privately, in workshops and blues camps, for the Handy Awards in Memphis, and on staff at the Augusta Heritage Center (Elkins, West Virginia), the Port Townsend (Washington) Blues Festival, and the Swallow Hill School of Music (Denver). Includes TAB CD-ROM
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