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This DVD takes you from zero to 60 MPH in about an hour. It is designed for beginners and covers tone production, intonation, good right and left hand positioning, blocking and damping techniques, and scales. I also teach 3 tunes to apply your newfound techniques.

This DVD picks up where volume 1 left off. After Orville teaches you how to tune up he begins with a valuable lesson on how to perform a Hammer-On and then the Pull Off technique. Then Orville will show you one of his favorite blue grass songs he calls Lamb Chops.

Next he will show the viewer how to slant the bar a very important technique when playing Lap style or Dobro guitar. Then Orville will teach you the song written by Bill Monroe, Kentucky Waltz.

Then another great song Fire Ball a Classic! After this lesson Orville will teach you how to perform Banjo finger Rolls, String Pulls, Artificial Harmonics, then wraps the DVD off by playing and teaching the song Trouble in Mind.

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