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Mark Galbo Guitar Intro to Finger Style Blues

Lessons #MG001

Learn the Styles of:
John Lee Hooker,

Robert Johnson

and John Jackson

In this exceptional DVD, Mark uses his step-by step approach to break down the basics of finger styles blues. By Focusing on the right hand, and particularly the thumb.

Mark clearly demonstrates how to achieve the authentic Texas, delta and Piedmont picking styles that define finger style blues.

Learn to play in the styles of John Lee Hooker, Robert Johnson, and John Jackson as you work o playing melody over alternating bass, heel damping, walking bass and drag-thumb techniques.

In a special segment on the groove, Mark teaches the percussive delta blues technique of slapping the backbeat to generate a powerful solo sound. Upon completing this DVD, students will have a firm grasp of all the essential elements required to play authentic country-blues guitar.

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