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Product # MG002
Songs and Lessons:

Me and the Devil,

Freight Train,

Step it up and Go,

John Lee Hooker Blues Runs

Lessons taught:
Chord Positions, Walk downs,  Boogie Woogie Shuffle,Turn Arounds, Picking Patterns, Walking Bass Runs,The Delta Slap, E minor Groove,
  and The Music Store Lick.

A fun Lick to pull off and watch your friends say " I didn't know you knew how to play Guitar".

In This DVD Mark will take the beginner guitarist into the journey of the delta and beyond for the authentic blues playing and singing and picking. He demystifies the licks, runs, strums, bass lines, turnarounds and other elements made famous by the old blues artist like Robert Johnson, BB King, Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker, John Jackson, and many others

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