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Pack your Fender Jazz Bass guitar  or any other type of Bass Guitar into the custom fit foam inserts inside the "Clam Bass Case" and travel without any worries. The "Clam's" tuff, doubled-walled corrugated plastic material and 3 inch dense foam padding suspension system provide the ultimate in shock absorption and weight distribution while keeping your guitar from touching the walls of the case.

The "Clam" is virtually crush proof and weighs only 12 lbs. Comes with detachable wheels. The Wheels  are a must have option when walking through airports, from luggage areas, going to the car rental station or your cab, and across long parking lots. You’ll start smiling as soon as you begin to walk and say to yourself this is the way to go!

Survived over 850 lb. crush test without any sign of damage to the case!

The “Clam Guitar Flight case” double walled corrugated plastic material and construction makes it virtually crush proof and survived the 850 lbs. crush test yet weighs only 12 lbs. We could have gone for more weight but just felt it really wasn't necessary, and we had 3 people standing on the case and couldn't fit anymore on it.

 Note: We can make a custom case to fit your model of Bass into our Clam Bass Case:


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