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Double Bass Removable Neck Case SUPER SALE  GREAT LOW Price!  $1197

Weighs only 26 to 33 Lbs!! Note: depends how big your Bass is.

I have made 70+  of these now and  cut my building time down! I'm passing this savings to YOU!

Double Bass Case for detachable Neck Bass by Casextreme. I have now built 70+ of these cases and have nothing but pleased customers. Experimenting with several designs of these cases I believe I now have the ultimate design and the most durable and cost effective case of this type made. 


So in a sense each case I build is a custom fitting case. In doing so we have trimmed the weight and actually improved the over all structure and have made it smaller in width and length. The first case was finished and on a plane for a world tour with the new bass inside.  And now that original case has been on over fifty world wide flights through Europe to Fiji and beyound.

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Because these cases are made to order I have to rely on the templates that the customers send me. If the instrument dose not fit to customers satisfation i will rework the case until customer is satisfied with the fit. These are custom made orders so there are no refunds.  Customer is resposible for any shipping cost for these types of transactions.



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