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Product Name:Another Double Set Up CXFVC Price: $ 397 Order:
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Our guitar Flight Case, travel with your guitar custom cases also come with wheels. Very light weight, we have never heared of a broken guitar in one of our cases in 17 years of building flight cases. We are the only case company that can say that ! 

How do i know is because we have built cases for customers who have purchased  all the other ATA flight cases on the market and have and had there instruments broken.

Call us for directions on what we need from you to start.  (800) 495-8444

Because these cases are made to order I have to rely on the templates that the customers send me. If the instrument dose not fit to customers satisfation i will rework the case until customer is satisfied with the fit. These are custom orders so there are no refunds.  customer is resposible for any shipping cost for these types of transactions.


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