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Product Name:Key Board Strap Down Price: $ 397 Order:
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Key Board Cases Start at $397

We make all keyboard cases to Order. Many times we use your existing foam pads that come with the key board to make duplicate pads from our supperior material.

Other times we will make a custom strap down set up that can be used with keyboard or even electric guitars with rectangular cases.

An yes we have even built a keyboard and electric guitar case so you only need on case for both instruments.

To the left here is a keyboard using the tie down method. The two belts provide a locking fit holding the keyboard tight against the foam pads like a seat belt in a car.

We Also make double Keyboard cases as seen in photo below.

Give us a call and we be glad to discuss your needs.

Prices can vary depending on model and how you want it set up.

(800) 494-8444


Below is the Double Keyboard case with custom fit pads, Also it has a guitar insert that can be used to travle with a guitar and a keyboard in one case.

This custom case example Cost is:  $650.

     Instead of the 2nd keyboard have a custom guitar pad built to carry both in one case.

The guitar insert goes on top of the bottom keyboard if you want a guitar keyboard combo case, inplace of the second keyboard. You Key board guys can get your guitar player to go in half with you on this case.

Because these cases are made to order I have to rely on the templates that the customers send me. If the instrument dose not fit to customers satisfation i will rework the case until customer is satisfied with the fit. These are custom orders so there are no refunds.  customer is resposible for any shipping cost for these types of transactions.



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