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Learn To Play Blues Guitar Lessons here!

Songs taught  Walk-in Blues, Mamie,

Weeping Willow, Oh Love Oh Careless Love,

Richmond Blues, Worried Man Blues,

Love That Corn Liquor, Blakes Rag, Hot Dog



This DVD has more shots, and slow motion, the tab plays on screen,

in standard and some drop D tuning.

The DVD has 11 menus, 59 go to buttons,

total fast interactive find anything in 3 seconds.

John shows all the moves that will make any guitar

player stop in his tracks and listen. (keys of A,B,C)

John Cephas, Delta, piedmont style of finger picking guitar lessons.

Chord positions, standard tuning, C tuning,on DVD .

Total of 8 different lessons.
Includes TAB disk and Table Edit Viewer

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