Casextreme Testimonial

Jeff Moore

My name is Jeff Moore and I live in El Paso, Texas, and am a member of a musical group called Springfire. We were contacted earlier this year by someone who had seen us open a show for Johnny Rivers at a venue near El Paso offering to fly us to a music festival in his home town of Calais, Maine. We of course accepted (how often do these things happen?), and then began the somewhat daunting task of securing equipment for our appearance.

We were able to procure everything we needed except a guitar, so that meant having to fly one of my instruments to the gig. Airlines have never been too crazy about us musical types who insist on carrying guitars and such onto commercial flights, but in the post-9/11 world we live in, they have become relentless in their use of the word "no!!!" when it comes to carry-on anything. I began to search for a viable way to transport my instrument when I saw your ad in a magazine (Acoustic Guitar) one day in late July. I had given some thought to a canvas case cover, and even called one company in New York; fortunately for both of us, they were closed for a company-wide vacation, which brought me to you. After a short conversation, I ordered a Clam Flight Case which arrived two days before I was scheduled to leave on our trip.

The Clam is a wonderful idea for carrying a guitar on a plane, as it holds the instrument suspended in foam clamps away from the sides of the case itself, and thus that much further away from danger in the cargo hold. Our trip took us from El Paso to Houston to Boston to Bangor, Maine, and naturally included leaving here forty minutes late, arriving in Houston in another terminal instead of two gates away from our arrival gate with literally minutes to spare. I spent most of that day sweating bullets wondering about the condition of my very expensive guitar.

You can imagine the great relief in my heart when I saw The Clam being loaded on to a luggage cart at the airport in Bangor and my even greater relief at opening it at our hotel and finding it had made the trip in absolutely perfect condition. The return trip also had some weather-related delays, but my apprehension on the return was lessened by the success of the first half of the trip. We got back to El Paso intact; The Clam did not have so much as a scratch on it, and proved itself to an ideal solution to a very thorny problem. I have recommended it to other musician friends who currently and occasionally find themselves in the same plight as mine. You have developed a wonderful idea, and certainly have my thanks for it. You and your company have a real winner; please accept my sincere wishes for continued success, and please keep me posted on future product information. I also work in a retail music store (my day job), and have discussed the possibility of stocking The Clam in our store.

Thank you again.
Sincerely, Jeff Moore

Bruce Shillington

Hi, I purchased one of your cases recently as I was visiting the USA and bought an acoustic guitar. I checked my luggage in Minneapolis and it flew via Chicago, LA, Melbourne to Mildura in Australia. The guitar arrived in perfect condition, the case is excellent.
Posted on 6thSeptember, 2010

Taken from the forum with the authorís permission. Posted 7/1/03

I bought a Case Extreme recently. I was so impressed with how it handled taking one of my guitars halfway around the world I wrote the following to the inventor, Bruce LambÖ I write to say a big Thank You and many congratulations on your excellent invention the Clam Case Extreme, as well as your fantastic overall service response. As you know, I recently had you overnight to Oregon a Case Extreme for my expensive 25 year old handcrafted Yamaha guitar to be first forwarded to New York City, and then finally on to the United Kingdom to meet me. All along the route your Case Extreme and my guitar obviously suffered all the vagaries the US Mail and the Airport Baggage Handling Systems could throw at them,which is no mean test! I am now pleased to report that both your case and my guitar eventually arrived in the UK totally unscathed and both ready to go! Your own total confidence in your invention sold me so completely that I did not hesitate to trust my Baby in your safe hands. So, thanks for a terrific product. I think you are really on to something here. nuff said. member of
Posted on 14thOctober, 2010

Dan Wells Posted 12/19/03

Hi this is Dan Wells. I purchased one of your guitar cases in late Oct. and spent the entire month of Nov. touring Europe with The James King Band. The case worked very well, I was very pleased with it, and other musicians who saw it were very impressed. I just wanted to say thanks and let you know I appreciate your product. Happy Holidays, Dan Well
Posted on 14thOctober, 2010

Happy Gig Bag Only User!

Hi All, I just used my new Clam for the first time on the Acoustic Guitar Magazine Cruise- 2 flights each way plus the manhandling on the ship. The case didnít even show a dent; and the guitar, in its gig bag only (as you advised) this case is unreal. I showed the case to several others, including some of the faculty, who I think are now sold on it! Thanks for a wonderful product. Mark Constantian, MD
Posted on 14thOctober, 2010

From Steve Gibb an earlier Post

Dear Bruce, I am back from a tour to Europe and your cases were superb!! What a great product. Everyone who saw them were very impressed- I had several enquires about them from passers by at airports and at gigs. Thanks again for an outstanding product. Steve Gibb
Posted on 14thOctober, 2010

Jay Petters from earlier Post

Hello, I ordered your Casextreme and think it is a wonderful product. I have gotten great use out of it. I am going to order one for my brother in law and have you send it to him so he can bring his 1946 J-45 Gibson out when he comes for a visit next month. Thanks very much (from a highly satisfied customer) Jay Petters
Posted on 14thOctober, 2010

Steve M.

Hi Bruce, The Clams just arrived. They are superb! Iím off on tour next week to Europe so I feel much more at ease with the thought that my instruments are going to travel safely now. I jumped on top of one just like you did on the video in your web site for the just to test. Thanks Steve M.
Posted on 14thOctober, 2010

Another Post from

Dear Casextreme, Iíve had my Clam case for a little over a month and flew about 15 times and the case has been incredible! I will never worry about my guitar, its safety is a non-issue now. Thanks Again.
Posted on 14thOctober, 2010

Robert Kline From 2006

Dear Casextreme, Iíve had my Clam case for a little over a month and flew about 15 times and the case has been incredible! I will never worry about my guitar, its safety is a non-issue now. Thanks Again.
Posted on 14thOctober, 2010

Mamou Playboys 3003 Grammy Nominees

Dear Friends, The CaseXtreme has held up beautifully while protecting my two Telecasters inside one of your your Standard Clam Cases. The set up you made was super. It shows less wear after 12 flights than your competitor's case after its first trip. The light weight is such a relief after my anvil-style case (less than half), And several people have carried it for me just to test their disbelief. The removable wheels are great. The entire concept is a dream come true for the traveling guitarist. Finally! Best Regards, Sam Broussard, Steve Riley & the Mamou Playboys, 2003 Grammy nominees
Posted on 14thOctober, 2010

Greg Franklin

Bruce The case was wonderful-my bass survived two transatlantic and three domestic flights with nary a problem. It was a breeze to get around airports. Thanks for a great product! Best Regards. Greg Franklin
Posted on 14thOctober, 2010

Kenny Hill Guitar User

Hey Bruce You are my hero! The 3 Lowden and 1 Kenny Hill guitars made it OK to Egypt last month. Not a single scratch on any of them and the cases inside them were in perfect shape as well. Thanks again and take care Tarek
Posted on 14thOctober, 2010

You Have The Best Case Ever!

I have my AR805CE case mounted in the CaseXtreme and it is about as secure as one could want. I would trust ANY airline with it! Indeed, DEFY any airline to do damage! The Foster Basin Street case fits equally well with a little tweaking of the C-pads. I think the CaseXtreme is a brilliant design. All best, Whi
Posted on 14thOctober, 2010

Awsome Man thanks!

Hi, I purchased one of your cases recently as I was visiting the USA and bought an acoustic guitar. I checked my luggage in Minneapolis and it flew via Chicago, LA, Melbourne to Mildura in Australia. The guitar arrived in perfect condition, the case is excellent. Thanks, Bruce Shillington.
Posted on 14thOctober, 2010

Jonathan Stout Campus Five Band

Hi Bruce, Having recently returned from my second trip with my Case Extreme flight case I can really say that this thing delivers! Finding a flight case for Strat or Tele is pretty easy (not cheap, but at least you can find one), but finding a flight case for an Archtop guitar, like my Eastman 810, basically requires a custom-made custom-order (read: expensive - very expensive). Last year, when I had to plan a gig in Hawaii, I was also faced with the idea of having to travel with my hand carved guitar. Carrying the guitar on in its pretty nice gig bag would have been the easiest thing, but since 9/11 traveling with an instrument has become entirely hit-and-miss. Carry-on is entirely discretionary. Although you might be able to carry-on the first flight, you might not be able to on the return trip. The thought of standing my guitar somewhere and having to get it shipped back or perhaps thrown into the cargo compartment was too frightening, so I began to look for ways around this situation. Then I found the Clam. I was, of course, very skeptical of its claims, but that video is pretty convincing. I decided to try it out for my Hawaii trip. From Los Angeles to Honolulu and back, the Clam protected my guitar (situated inside its own hardshell case) perfectly. Seeing it careening down on to the luggage carousel was pretty scarry and it seemed like I would end up with a pile of splinters after that kind of treatment. Upon reaching our lodging in Honolulu, the very first thing I did was open up the case and check on my guitar. It was in perfect shape! The trip might not have happened if it weren't for the Clam. Last week I travelled to Cleveland and had to catch a connecting flight each way. In 24 hours my guitar (and I) flew on 4 different planes, and again the case handled all of the behind-the-scenes tossing and bumping and crushing with very little impact on the case itself and no effect on the guitar. I'll be travelling to Washington, DC this summer and I am happy that my guitar can travel safely again. Aside from great protection, the case is light weight and very durable. Carrying my luggage AND my guitar (thanks to the detachable wheels) through the airport and hotel all by myself is something I probably couldn't have done with a "traditional" heavy flight case. Further, I can use this case with any of my acoustic guitars. If I needed to take my John LeVoi Django-style guitar, I could use the exact same Case Extreme Clam - not something you could do with a custom-made case, which need to be made for one specific guitar. If you don't have cartage or roadies or millions of dollars, then this case is for you. And even if you have roadies and millions of dollars, they'd appreciate the lightened load, and you'd still appreciate the much lower cost. A perfect product! Thanks again for such a great product! Jonathan Stout 818.486.7637
Posted on 14thOctober, 2010

Brazil Odyssey

Dear Folks at Casextreme, I have just returned from a two month musical odyssey in Brazil. My name is Patrick Hogan and I play with a band called Angry Tony & the Homewereckers. We were the first international act to play in Malacacheta MG. We also played at a Carnaval in Nova Vicosa. I must say, if not for your travel case, my guitar would not have made it. I flew more than a dozen flights from jets to puddle jumpers and keeping the guitar safe on the long bus rides through the mountains. It is like a death defying Disneyland ride on crack. But your case came through with flying colors. Not only was the guitar its self in perfect condition, but the guitar case was also unscratched. What a great product you have!! Thanks very much, Patrick Hogan
Posted on 14thOctober, 2010

Shipping Dream

Howdy: Just shipped my guitar with the apes at UPS. Beautiful. Arrived in perfect condition. You were right! Best money I've ever spent. Thanks! Steve Brock -- Stephen Brock President Blue Bear LLC 9850 Cunningham Road Cincinnati, OH 45243
Posted on 31stJanuary, 2011


Hey Bruce here I am in Nairobi, having a great time and thanks for building such a great case.
Posted on 31stJanuary, 2011

Geoff Twigg

Case In Africa Hey Bruce here i am in Niarobi Africa, thanks for building such a great case!
Posted on 4thJune, 2011

John Carrol

Hey Bruce, 10-24-11 Just wanted to drop you a quick line. I bought a clam case (like the CXEC) from you over a year and a half ago when I was preparing to move to Maui, and was concerned about bringing guitars on the plane. Since I was moving there, I wanted to bring my regular (hard) guitar case with me. You happened to have a rectangular clam case that (I think) you said had been custom made for something, and not used. I put one of my guitars (in it's case) inside, strapped it in, and off I went. The guitar arrived in perfect condition. Some time afterwards, I was going back to the mainland for a visit, and wanted to bring another guitar back with me. I brought the empty clam case along. This case turned out to be the perfect case for moving guitars, because this particular case has two foam pad strips that run completely across the "bottom" of the case, allowing both rectangular tweed cases, AND form shaped SKB type cases to be held snugly in place when strapped in. I've just returned from another mainland trip, this time bringing back a signed, prototype color...non-replaceable USA Dean guitar. Once again, it arrived in perfect condition. This marks the third such guitar move, and (as I'm not a fan of gig bags for electric guitars) I have the hard cases with me too. I think I would recommend that anyone that has both tweed and SKB type cases, to consider ordering the same kind of padding arrangement. Thanks for a great product, John Carroll
Posted on 24thOctober, 2011

Tim Harwill

an excellent flight case...hi Bruce...that performed exactly as advertised on my recently completed tour of the Island of Newfoundland, the most eastern province of Canada located off of the mainland on the continental I'm located in the province of Alberta, which is immediately east of the Rocky Mountains in western Canada, my Limited Edition Taylor 12 string acoustic was forced to endure a pair of multi-change-over flights across the continent, happily arriving at both ends without a scratch while the Clam Special Edition CXJSE Jumbo case absorbed everything that was thrown at it & came thru remarkably unscathed...thanks for providing a working musician with a high-performance & cost-effective tool of the trade, the Clam is an outstanding product that I'd happily recommend to friends & colleagues alike...yours, TH -- Tim Harwill...too folk for country, too country for rock 'n roll...on the web now at
Posted on 4thJune, 2012